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Sponsorship in South Africa

In sponsorship, you can acquire financial support, engage with qualified support teams and partnerships, elicit high levels of media exposure, and ensure an alignment of brand. 

It is a huge hassle for marketers to wade through proposal after proposal in their in-trays, in-boxes, to tune into hearsay, to grapple with the thought of overlooked properties, or to knock on the 100th door of a potential investor. 

And property owners, due to the lack of resources, find it extremely difficult to grab the attention of potential sponsors and investors.



SponsorSA brings to you information on South African sponsorship opportunities.

Quick Search for Sponsor Properties

Use our quick search engines to instantly push only the information you need based on your search criteria, by geographic location, by value, or by industry category.

Reach Sponsor Property Investors

SponsorSA investors are the decision makers on sponsorship and they obtain regular updates of properties available. 

Access to Sponsorship Suppliers

SupplyShack is used to source local industry experts from publicity management, event logistics and management, research, measurement, procurement and sponsorship management services.

Sponsorship Industry News

Opt in to international and local news on the sponsorship industry.  See who is sponsoring what, the latest trends, new and creative initiatives being staged, and topical issues affecting this dynamic industry.

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